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Bunkering Service

and mineral oil storage

Heavy fuel & raw materials

With access and ownership of storage and mixing equipment in hubs around the world, we can quickly respond to all types of requirements for low and high sulfur bunkers and heavy fuel.

Middle distillates

The middle distillate trade is a central aspect of the trading portfolio. We trade a wide range of middle distillates, including heating oil, diesel and jet.


The mixing, storage and logistics functions, which we can access at any time, allow us to use arbitrages that result from frequently significant price differences that exist between or even within different countries.


We are one of the leading Naphtha dealers. Our secure access to storage capacity in the main ports where we source volumes offers a significant advantage in terms of flexibility.


We supply the international market with well over 300 million tons of liquid gas per year. We have long-term US liquefied gas contracts that we trade worldwide.

Natural gas & LNG

We are an established player in the global gas markets. in physical OTC and exchange traded. We secure medium to long-term contracts and partnerships for access to production, transport and storage.

A few words about us

ASC Cagliari is a shipping company and is continuously present in the industry. Today ASC Cagliari is the center of the group for maritime know-how. It offers trading, ship management and technology services as well as advice for internal and external customers, among others.

Trade and delivery from a single source

Mineral Oil Trade supports the ASC Cagliari businesses, in particular oil products, gas and chemicals, by trading in natural gas, crude oil, refined products, biofuels, chemical raw materials, environmental products and freight. We manage our fleets independently and offer external customers maritime know-how.

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As a full service provider, we implement complete ship management solutions that are carried out exclusively by our own experts, including technical, commercial, crew and operations management.

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